Longhorn beef beats the birds and chicken too!


Nutritional Facts

Natural Lean Longhorn Beef is definitely good news for your healthy lifestyle.

Our natural grass fed Longhorn lean beef is one of the healthiest meat choices for today’s health conscious consumer. They are lower in saturated fat than most beef, lower in calories and cholesterol than chicken, tender and great tasting.

Longhorn cattle are “naturally lean.” This does not mean they don’t have fat. Longhorn meat is just not as marbled as regular beef. Nor does it mean they lack flavor. It does mean that the butcher does not usually have to trim as much fat from around the outside of the cut.


What health professionals say about natural lean beef:

“Adding the healthy, friendly essential fats for cell wall integrity; lowering the bad cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels; raising the good cholesterol – you’re going to find all of that is possible by adding omega-3s, like those found in pasture-raised longhorn beef, to your diet,” Sheats said. “By putting good, healthy food into your system, the quality of life of Type II diabetics or people with high cholesterol and blood pressure can improve dramatically. And the best part with longhorn beef is that it tastes great. With the proper diet and exercise plan, now you can eat beef, totally guilt-free, and really watch your blood chemistry and body composition improve.”
“Red meat is really a treasure trove of nutrients, including protein, iron, vitamin B12, and more. One of the healthiest red meats is Longhorn beef, which is extremely low in fat.”

Cliff Sheets, certified clinical nutritionist, and nationally recognized author or Lean Bodies, Total Fitness.

“Lean beef is good for you – and the key word is lean. A heart patient can eat steak every meal if it is in the right proportions. Longhorn meat on the average, contains 10 percent less saturated fat than that of other cattle. That puts lean Longhorn beef on par with skinned boneless white meat of chicken and that fact may come as a surprise to many dietician's.” 

Dr. Joseph Graham, Cardiovascular Surgeon at St. John’s Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri, and a Longhorn breeder himself.

Does grass-fed beef have any heart-health benefits that other types of beef don’t?

“Grass-fed beef typically comes from cattle that eat only grass and other foraged foods throughout their lives. Often, conventional beef and dairy cattle eat a diet that includes grains, such as corn, at some point. The difference in the diets of the cattle changes the nutrients and fats you get from eating the different types of beef.

Grass-fed beef may have some heart-health benefits that other types of beef don’t have. When compared with other types of beef, grass-fed beef may have:

• Less total fat
• More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids
• More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks
• More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E”

Martha Grogan, M.D., Mayo Clinic.

Including natural lean Longhorn beef in a heart-healthy diet can positively impact blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that eating lean beef can help increase “good” cholesterol and reduce “bad” cholesterol in people with elevated cholesterol levels. It is also high in protein, zinc, Vitamin B12, and iron and provides 20-30% of the recommended daily allowance of selenium for men and women.